Because first love never dies…

first love

“There’s no love like the first”

J&J is like my first love, my first and my only company, up to today.
I started my relationship with J&J 8.5 years ago, soon after I graduated from university.
The moment I said “YES” to J&J and signed the employment letter was one of the best things happened in my life.
I cherished every moments I had here. I grew up, not just professionally but personally.

I really love working in J&J!
I love its credo, values, environment, culture, and even its challenges.
But more than anything, what I love the most about J&J are the people: the leaders and the friends I have here.

Yes, it’s YOU! You are the reason why I never regret my 8.5 years staying here!
Therefore, let me express my gratitude to you:

To YOU, all my inspiring LEADERS, thank you for becoming the living examples of Credo,
thank you for the good leaderships and the openness of communications you’ve shown, I’ve learnt a lot and I do really appreciate it so much.

To YOU, all my beloved FRIENDS, thank you for the good works and moments we’ve been through together,
thank you for connecting and sharing the energy and spirits for us to achieve the goal and growth together, thank you for making the company becoming so homey to me.
You are more than just friends, you’ve already become such a BIG FAMILY to me.

It’s all of you, everyone here. I cannot list the name one by one because it will be a very loooooong email.
Each one of you has touch my life in many and different ways and left me good memories.

Thank you for the friendship and the smiles you’ve shared to me! It means a lot for me.
Thanks you for the good, fun, and bad times; the great moments and the good fights; the tears and the laugh we’ve shared together!

I need to go now, this is my last day, and it really feels like breaking up with my first love.

But.. as we know, first love never dies and breaking up won’t stop the strong and deep friendships we have.
So.. STAY IN TOUCH and til we meet again, soon or later 🙂


ID card

PS: I wrote this to my J&J leaders and friends in my last day on February 28th, 2014

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