1 desember 2013

Dear my:

✔ Full-time Best Friend
✔ Travel-mate
✔ Dive-buddy
✔ Horrible singing-ally
✔ Books and coffee-companion
✔ Pingpong-enemy
✔ Sunrise and sunset hunting-fellow
✔ Partner-in-crime for doing silly stupid things (yup, it includes when you did Incredible Hulk-sband and Super-husband pose)

Thank you for:
– Waking me up in the morning with a smell of a cup of hot black coffee
– Making nutella pancake in saturday morning while we’re listening to jack johnson’s banana pancake and did the silly dancing together
– Doing the laundry when I did the dishes
– Surprising me with the pretty bookshelf you made yourself when I got back home after work
– … everything! Yes, everthing!

Every little and big good things happened in life for us to celebrate and every bad things happened for us to laugh at.

Happy 1st anniversary!!

Love you to the moon and the stars and the sun and back.


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