Camper Van Trip

In our trip to New Zealand last April, we decided to ride a camper van. We chose JUCY Rental due to its bold design, competitive price, and some discounts they gave! And this was our first experience traveling with camper van! How exciting! 🙂

Why renting a camper van?

The best answer from us is: “Because it’s the best (and cheapest) solution to experience the beauty of New Zealand!”

First, it has everything inside! Chair and table at daytime which could be transformed into bed at nighttime! It’s occupied with entertainment: DVD player for long nights before sleeping. It has big storage which also could be used as sofa. And most importantly, it has all the things you need to make your tummy happy at the back!

Second, it’s so convenient! No need to book a hotel room or cabin. As long as there’s free space in the holiday park or camping site, we could just stop and stayed overnight. And if there’s a picnic table beside the camper van, we could have our breakfast there.

Last one, we could stop and park the camper van to enjoy the breathtaking views New Zealand provides, mountains, hills, lake, sky, sea, just name it!

Well, just hit the road and enjoy the ride! 🙂

See short clip on our camper van trip here:

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